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Designer Scents: Elie Saab Le Parfum

Designer Scent: Elie Saab Le Parfum, first scent by Elie Saab Stars like Beyoncé Knowles, Sarah Jessica Parker and Taylor Swift are fans of Elie Saab and his beautiful fashion creations. From now the stars can also surround themselves with a mist of Elie Saab’s first scent. A fashion label without its ...[read more]

Salsbour Sandals: the new It-Piece by Christian Louboutin

Salsbour Sandals by Louboutin: Leopard print and fiery red details All eyes on Christian Louboutin: or better his new pair of high-heels which have walked straight into the hearts and wardrobes of many celebrities. The Salsbour Sandals with their extravagant details have climbed the Mount Olympus of It-Pieces. 12cm heel, 2cm ...[read more]

Staying Alive with Miu Miu: The 70’s are showing us how

Miu Miu 70's plateau shoe with gold glitter Middle of June is not exactly the time I want to be reminded of the inevitable – the next cold winter sneaking up on us. But considering the pictures I saw from the Miu Miu F/W Collection 2011 I’ll make ...[read more]

Asos Salon: get ready for Weddings and Summer Balls

Asos Salon Collection: beige and taupe shades for weddings and summer balls Again Asos has simply seduced me with its special collection. After Asos White – which I could have ordered “once down the menu” – the online shop has upped the ante with Asos Salon. A collection made for weddings, summer ...[read more]

Angelina Jolie: First Face for “Core Values” by Luis Vuitton

Angelina Jolie posing in the Swamps of Cambodia for Core Values by Luis Vuitton The first face of the Luis Vuitton „Core Values“Campaign is none other than Miss Angelina Jolie. The scene: Angelina posing cool and relaxed on a wooden boat in the swamps of Cambodia – a very natural depiction of the philanthropic ...[read more]

Reiss: Mega Boost thanks to Kate Middleton

Reiss cut-out Wedge Since Kate Middleton – sorry,  Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge – received the American President Obama wearing a REISS dress, the British Label should be well known to fashionistas. The Reiss fan page experience an enormous boost overnight and the Shola ...[read more]

What to wear at the Festival: trendy yet comfortable

Trendy Festival-Outfits So we find ourselves smack in the middle of the long awaited Festival Season – time for a last minute shopping spree! Alessandra Ambrosio showed us at the Coachella Festival how its done when the weather-gods play along: a light, fluttery, ...[read more]

Love Affairs: Blake Lively and Chanel

Blake Lively wearing a gorgeous white Chanel gown with flower applications Gossip Girl Blake Lively appeared at the premiere to Green Lantern in L.A, wearing a white couture dress by Chanel. This floor length gown with flower application is a continuation of the love affair that has blossomed between Blake an Chanel ...[read more]

Red carpet styling à la Blake Lively made easy

Lanvin Red Carpet Styling a la Blake Lively Who hasn’t fantasised looking like a star parading across the red carpet? Or at least capture some of the glitz and glam for themselves? It’s not entirely impossible, I’ll have you know! So what about a Lanvin red carpet outfit ...[read more]

Emma Watson: Delicate Flower turned into Midnighte Rose

Emma Watson at the Elle Style awards It’s official: our favourite smart girl/cute actress Emma Watson is the new face for Lancome Trésor Midnight Rose. The scent for women is a floral sister to the classic Trésor from 1990. With this engagement our lovely Brit follows the footsteps of ...[read more]

Bows wherever you look

bows: alexis mabille You simply can’t beat French chic: stylish, cute and simple - designer Alexis Mabille mixed these traditional attributes with a little glamour, creating a stunning jewellery collection. Mabilles designer career started in Lyon, creating costumes and party outfits. As any up ...[read more]

Everybody loves Marc Jacobs

Inspired by Marc Jacobs Summer Collection When looking at the summer wear in certain shops; especially Miss Selfridges, TopShop and River Island, you can really see a resemblance to the current summer collection by Marc Jacobs. Flowing materials kept in summery red nuances, transparent details, asymmetric ...[read more]

London Jewellery Design: Merle O’Grady

Merle O'Grady Jewellery Collection Looking at the filthy weather here in London (most of the time anyway) one does tend to dream about warmer regions…thus it is not really a wonder that many designers based in London, such as jewellery designer Merle O´Grady, take ...[read more]

Lara Bohinc: Inspired Jewellery that will catch your breath

lara bohenic jewellery My first contact with Lara Bohinc was a little while ago in a luxury store in good old London town. In the accessory department my eyes were drawn to brightly lit display cabinets containing entwined colliers that really caught my ...[read more]

Angel Jackson Handbags: eccentric, extravagant and stunning

angel jackson tote/handbag collection A little quirky, kinky but feminine: those are the attributes of the British designer Duo; sisters Smith and their handbag label Angel Jackson. Bright colours, feather applications or sequins are a mere fraction of creativity by Kathie and Millie. Not only ...[read more]

Five a Day: Fruity Necklaces from Accessorize

When considering the next jewellery purchase we tend to pick symbols that means something to us, thus making a personal statement. So why not wear your favourite fruit around your neck? On Accessorize I’ve found necklaces matching everyone’s taste (literally) ...[read more]

Leather Craft: Colliers from Black Lily

Black Lily Leather Colliers The label Black Lily is mainly known for its beautifully crafted handbags and other accessories like shoes malice bands or scarves. Jewellery also has a place in most of the Black Lily Collections. Even though; or maybe because, jewellery only ...[read more]

Colour Fest: Out On The Streets This Summer

asos colourful collection I seriously can’t remember the last time I sprawled on a sunbed. Looking at all the booming colours predestined for this summer I can’t help but think it might be about time to change that fact. The bright yellow dresses ...[read more]

Charles David: Plateau Sandals With California Spring Flair

Spring awakening with Charles David. The US Designer just wowed me during a little virtual stop over at There you can find the new “next” plateau sandals presented in such a charming light you simply forget the temperature outside. Let ...[read more]

New Joop! Scent for Men: Sexy in Pink

New Joop! Homme Sexy in Pink Scent for Men Men are showing their colours: wit the new Joop! Homme scent Joop! Homme Sexy in Pink. We have all known for a while now hat men can also wear pink, and like it too, paving the way for the new eau ...[read more]

Heavy Silver or Gold Necklaces with Delicate Charms: Juicy Couture

As we all know quite well, opposites attract and thus the companion to this year’s Spring/Summer Trend in all things accessories are heavy, short link chains in silver or gold. These somewhat bulky pieces of jewellery look beautiful in combination ...[read more]

Friendship Bracelets with Rinestones, Charms and Gemstones

knotted cotton embroidery thread friendship bracelet by Frieda and Nellie Colourful jewellery with material mix: and a lot of it! The jewellery by Frieda and Nellie sparkle with joie de vivre and summer feeling. Taking a glimpse at the stylish colour boosts of bracelets only one thought jumps to mind: ...[read more]

Mulberry Autumn Collection: Maxi Dresses, Wool Suits, Berry Hues and Earth Tones

Mulberry Autumn Collection Fashion Week London 2011: Maxi Dresses, Wool Suits, Lambskin Coats One of my highlights of the Fashion Week in London is definitively the Mulberry Fall Collection 2011. A very casual, yet feminine look with sixties and seventies influences. Supple earth tones and mustard nuances, as well as dark greens and ...[read more]

ACNE Autumn Collection: Leather, Tulle Net and Mustard Tones

Clear lines, a casual look, androgynous elements and a whole lot of leather: these are my first thoughts considering ACNE. For the Fall Collection 2011 Jonny Johansson presented cool style and leather en masse at the Show during London Fashion ...[read more]

Modern Capes: Elegant and Feminine Alternative to Coats

Cape by Alexander McQueen Thanks to leading designer capes are experiencing a more than welcome comeback in the modern fashion world. Capes are everything a normal coat is…and more. For centuries, capes have been an integral part of men’s outdoor fashion; shielding them from wind ...[read more]

Scents 2011: Guerlain Idylle Duet Limited Edition

Guerlain Idylle Duet Limited Edition Two years ago Guerlain enthralled women with its scent Guerlain Idylle Eau de Parfum, a year after that it was the harmonizing Guerlain Idylle Eau de Toilette and for February 2011 Guerlain announced the launch of the limited edition Guerlain ...[read more]

Maison Michel with Cool Hats and Crazy Hair Accessories

Maison Michel with Cool Hats and Crazy Hair Accessories The French label Maison Michel made the spotlightby its extravagant head accessories like the mice and rabbit ears. And since the label has turned into an absolute must have amongst celebrities near and far there are never stars amiss when ...[read more]

Black Swan Ballet Style: No Oscar But the Trend to Come

Black Swan Ballet Style on asos I doubt I’m the only one who expected Black Swan to be nominated for best costume design-costumes made by Rodarte. Well, seems like I was wrong. This category was not to be the one for Black Swan and I have ...[read more]

Katy Perry likes it loud: especially hair nail polish by O.P.I

Katy Perry likes it loud: especially hair nail polish set by O.P.I O.P.I loves Katy Perry and she loves to surprise her screaming fans with cute/crazy outfits in booming colours, always upping the ante. Presenting herself a “little” extravagant is perfect for her line of business of entertaining the crowds with her ...[read more]

Peter Pan Collar Necklaces by Gemma Lister

Cutesy blouses with Peter Pan Collars are really in trend again. This is proven by Style icon Alexa Chung over and over again: she simply loves the Peter Pan collars and made them into her statement piece. Speaking from personal ...[read more]
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